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The two universes that exist outside of the one we know have collided with our own. You all know of the one you live in, but what about the ones that you cannot touch or see? Then I shall explain them to you. First is the Marvel Universe. It has mutants, humans, and altered humans by either radiation or alien DNA. The second is the DC Universe. It has metahumans, humans, and aliens. Both of these universes has heroes and villains. Good guys and bad guys. And you have just entered a whole new world than what you are used to living and seeing.

In this collided universe, the heroes and villains we all know and love are approaching retirement. They have yet to train someone to fill their shoes, and thus begins your journey. You can chose to be a child of a famous hero, villain, or a human. Train by the side of your parent. Fight crime with their hero egos, or cause chaos and destruction with their villainous halves. So let the training begin…

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